Saturday, October 5, 2013

Street Lawyers

Earlier this week we were in Hyderabad, India. We were there to start the first of a series of teaching sessions for missionaries on how to manage stress. Recently the Missionary Department released resource material titled: Adjusting to Missionary Life. These materials are available starting before missionaries arrive at the MTC. Then there is an on-line session during their MTC time, followed by another on-line session during their first 12 weeks training. Finally, we have material for mission presidents to use to teach missionary leaders how to help fellow missionaries who may be experiencing stress.

One of the key messages being sent is that missionary work is stressful. We are teaching missionaries that it is okay to feel stress. We then are trying to help them with tools, resources and strategies to deal with stress. We hope that by doing so we can help them avoid having the stress turn to distress.

One of the activities is to have the missionaries take an evaluation to determine their level of stress - Green, Yellow, Orange or Red. Obviously these move in order from where we want missionaries to be to where there are real danger signs. Both Terry and I took the evaluation, and both found that we are in the Yellow level. So, we are working to use some of the very techniques we teach the missionaries.

We think that these are wonderful materials.

While traveling from the hotel to our meetinghouse (a Church owned and constructed building), we drove past the city courts. I took a few pictures of advocates (attorneys) plying their profession.

There is a stretch of wall on the outside of the courts complex which is lined with advocates, their desks, and their typewriters. See the picture below.

It seems to me that it might be a bit difficult to maintain client confidentiality when your office is on a very busy street.

Look carefully at the sign painted on the wall in the picture above. You see that it is for an "Advocate and Associates" and that he lists his degrees - BA (Bachelor of Arts) and L.L.B. (Bachelor of Law).

This certainly gives an entirely new meaning to the expression from the US of "street lawyer."

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