Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Have No Faith in Coincidences

One of the great opportunities and challenges of working with full time missionaries is the constant turnover. We receive missionaries from the Missionary Training Center in Manila and from the one in Provo. The schedules of the two MTC's are not the same, so we have transfers happening about every 3 weeks.

In our short time here, we have had several batches of missionaries depart from our mission. Though we worked with them for only a few months, we have come to love them. We know that each missionary has many great opportunities lying ahead of him or her.

Sister Berrett and me with three who are departing for home.
Not long ago, I had conversations with one of our Indian missionaries, who was soon to be released. Due to family financial needs, he left high school before graduation in order to work and support the family. Shortly before his mission, with the assistance of a North American senior missionary, he began working to obtain a high school equivalency certificate (GED) as the first step toward attending college or university. However, his mission began before he was able to complete the tests and he had no certificate.

While on his mission, he lost contact with the senior missionary. Nearing the end of his mission, he asked me to attempt to contact his former mentor to see if they could re-start the process. Our elder was very concerned about his future, as there was no way for his family to support him, and he had not finished high school.

I wrote to the former senior missionary at his last known email address, explaining that I was seeking information on his efforts. I explained that I planned to work with the missionary to restart his efforts.

Fortunately the former senior missionary received my message.He responded within about 36 hours. He told me that that day he was traveling to Delhi, India from the US on a business trip. As he was in the Delhi airport, he saw the brother of our missionary, who was in the airport to greet his returning brother. The former senior missionary was able to see our returning and worried missionary the very day he returned home.

I have no faith in coincidences. I do have absolute faith in a Heavenly Father who knows his children individually and who looks after them one by one.

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