Monday, March 30, 2015

Dedicated Missionary Work

A few weeks ago I went to one of the cities in our mission to interview the missionaries. After our interviews, which were conducted at the Church, I offered to buy ice cream for them. They jumped on their cycles and took off, racing to a restaurant about 3 or 4 km away from the Church. Following in the taxi, I literally had a front row seat for missionary work by two dedicated missionaries.

First missionary is speaking with the two men on motorcycle, explaining what the missionaries do.
Second missionary is inviting the rider to learn more about the Gospel
Within a few seconds after these pictures were taken, the motorbike pulled to the side of the road, as did the missionaries. The Elders then obtained the telephone number of the riders, so that they could follow up on their rolling conversation.

I later learned that the missionaries did follow up, and that these two brothers are following through in their expressed interest.

A wonderful example of dedicated missionary work.

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