Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My First Baptism

On the first weekend in December, Sister Berrett and I attended the District Conference for the Bangalore District of the Church. In attendance was a young woman who had just started meeting with the missionaries. We had a chance to meet her and visit with her for a few minutes.

Apparently something I said during one of my talks connected with her. So, a few days after the conference the missionaries called me and said that she was going to be baptized and wanted me to perform the baptism. With a little bit of scheduling work, we were able to agree upon 22 Dec.

While the baptismal clothes were a bit tight and not quite tall enough, I was happy to perform the baptism. I had virtually nothing to do with teaching her, but I still enjoyed the opportunity to be part of her decision to come to Christ through this sacred ordinance.

Elder Gotopotti, Elder Porthula, Shruthi Sarah Joseph, Pres. Berrett, Elder Pilli, Elder Anderson
Shruthi's older brother was baptized about a year ago and currently attends BYU-I. The baptism service also was attended by her parents, who are active members of another Christian church. Nonetheless, they came and were very supportive of their daughter's decision. We have been invited to visit in their home next week.

Shruthi, her parents and the Berretts
It was a wonderful day for us. We look forward to visiting with the family.

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