Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Gospel Blesses Families

Our missionaries teach that "the Gospel blesses families". Sometimes I think that we forget that it REALLY does bless families. Over the past several weeks the missionaries have sent me several stories of how they are observing families being blessed.  Here are three of their stories, with a little editing to smooth out the English where needed.

"A recent convert named M­­­­­______ runs a water delivery business. He used to work 7 days a week, but now he does a double shift on Saturday so that he won't have to work on Sunday. And, the amazing thing is, even though we getting into winter season, and people tend to buy less water in the winter, I've seen over the past few months as he has started to make more and more sales. Truly, his business is doing MUCH better than it was a few months ago, even though it was warmer then."

"We teach one semi-active woman named S______. She is very, very poor. To the point that one morning her daughter told S_____ that she was hungry, but Mother told her that there wasn't any food in the house, and the daughter would just have to go to school hungry. Later that day, Mother was visiting with her family. As she talked with them, she started to bear her testimony of the Gospel, and how much she loves the church. Her family, although they are not members [of our Church], were so impressed with her decisions in life that they gave her money. She tried to decline, but they insisted. That same afternoon we happened to be visiting Mother, and I've never seen her smile so big as she told us she was able to buy food for her daughter."

"We were trying to locate one less active single adult. We were looking for the house of a brother named M_____. We finally came close to his home and we asked a few people for a man with that name in that street. Following directions, we went to one home and asked for M_____. A man came out and said his name was M_______. We just asked few things about him [and then asked if we could come in.] We entered his home. We started our conversation to know his concern [and why he was not coming to Church] but during that time we realized that he was not a [Church] member. He said that he came once to [our] church so we totally turned our conversation to discussion about the church. That less active brother name helped us to find a nice family of four people who speaks English well. That was an awesome moment we had. We love the work which we do here."

As I read stories such as this, I am overwhelmed with the faith both of our missionaries and of the Indian people.


  1. President the stories are very spiritual and it was an AHA Moment When I read these Stories. If You want to know why do we call most and great spiritual experiences as an AHA Moment, you should meet a RFTM (Returned Full time missionary ) Who has served under president Jackson. we don't like to call ourselves as RM's. just like this we used to have a News letter for the greatest mission on the earth... The India New Delhi mission. i like this idea and if you can implement this into a mission news paper it will be fantastic but that news paper is only for missionaries.
    You Have Been Doing a great work in the Greatest country on the earth.
    hope to see more photos. and stories.

  2. This made me think of Elder Bednar's conference talk about the blessings of tithing. So often we don't recognize blessings we receive until we stop and "name them one by one." Thanks for the reminder of how we are all blessed by the gospel.